Julia M. Coleman
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A brief history...

A Kentucky native and graduate of the University of Kentucky, she comes by her love of basketball and horses by birthright. However, her nearly 20 years in Florida have given her a great appreciation for warm winter days and a profound respect for hurricanes.  

Ever the late bloomer, she did not begin writing professionally until a college professor recognized her talent during graduate school and encouraged her to fulfill her destiny.  Shortly after completion of her Master's degree in education, she began contacting publishers and editors everywhere to find work.

Julia was drawn to sports from a very early age and still considers herself a short, slow point guard at heart.   Mike D'Avino, managing editor of www.sportspagemagazine.com was the first to offer her a job.  Working at SportsPageMagazine.com not only sharpened her writing skills but also allowed her to pursue her passion while attending many, many basketball games - her favorite sport!

Having created a suitable portfolio writing athlete interviews, features and articles covering basketball, sailing, beach volleyball, and football,  she soon shopped her skills with a sizeable measure of success to magazines, web developers, charitable organizations, and individual business entities. 

Additional coverage includes short
travel pieces, biographical compilations, white papers, press releases and her sports blog.

Julia became interested in 501(3)c organizations as a writer covering their successes and struggles, as well as through her own experience as a volunteer at a large animal rescue facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the week after Hurrican Katrina.  From this introduction, she has also undertaken grant writing.

B.A - Education, University of Kentucky
M.Ed. - American Intercontinental University

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