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SPM coverage of Women's Basketball Hall of Fame inductions 2010

SPM coverage - Nikki Teasley: Hoops, Help and Hope

Paying to Play: A basketball love affair

Contributing writer: Life in Altamonte Springs, circulation 60,000

Reprinted from: Maggie Mae Magazine:

If you live in Central Florida and have not driven over to the Space Coast to see a Shuttle Launch, it is time you put that activity on your “10 things to do before you die” list.  If you don’t make an attempt to see a shuttle launch, then maybe you need to cancel your cable TV for a month or two and take advantage of what may have replaced Barnum and Bailey as the greatest show on earth. To stand on the banks of the Indian River as a Shuttle heads skyward, is to feel raw power unlike anything you have ever felt before. 



Reprinted from: www.quadwest.com

Horses are reactive and their innate sensitivities are used at KLC (www.myklc.com) to mirror the human participants’ aura.  As the equines approached, their behavior reflected the attitude that each of the human participants were conveying.  Without uttering a word, it was clear who was comfortable being around these gentle giants and who was cautious and who was afraid.  The horses briefly investigated each participant, but intuitively gravitated toward those who welcomed the quiet physical interaction with them.

Reprinted from: www.sportspagemagazine.com

If you are like me, you are more likely to remember the 2008 Connecticut Sun won/loss record than the names of your cousins.  If you are like me, Australian Rules Football is a thousand times more entertaining that “Flip This House”.  If you are like me, reality shows like Survivor and Big Bother can’t hold a candle to the original of all reality TV programming  - live sporting events!!!  Nothing Omarosa ever did was as compelling as Christian Laettner’s turnaround to beat Kentucky in the 1992 East Regional Final.

Press Release for Morgan Samuel Price:
Altamonte Springs, Fla. March 22, 2009 -- Internationally renowned American Impressionist, author and Florida resident, Morgan Samuel Price, is proud to announce her inclusion in the American Masters at SCNY sponsored by the Salmagundi Club (www.salmagundi.org) in New York, NY the week of April 29 – May 7.   

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