Julia M. Coleman
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"If timely, accurate research is what you are looking for - look no further.  I ask Julia for assistance researching difficult health and fitness topics and she always turns it around quickly and with references."  - Trish Chard, Entrepreneur, Fitness Consultant/Personal Trainer

As a publisher, I have the pleasure of working with many writers, but Julia Coleman stands alone as one of the most exemplary in her class. 
Julia is a conscientious, intelligent and articulate writer who has a gift of conveying her thoughts and interactions with clarity and humor.
Beyond her ability to put words to paper, Julia enjoys genuine rapport with her subjects, which lends to genuine chronicles.
Lastly, Julia Coleman is a dedicated, hard working and loyal professional whose contributions make our magazine better. 

Donna Wilhelm
Publisher, Life in Altamonte Springs City Magazine

"In creative professions you only get paid for 'hitting the high notes' and Julia's writing sings!   She is highly organized, creative and has a unique sense of humor that stamps much of her work.  I have been interviewed many times by many different publications, and her investigative thoroughness is unparalleled." - Morgan Samuel Price, American Master Painter, www.morgansamuelprice.com

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